Gift Cards

CSz Gift Certificates are a great way to let someone in your life know you care!
Our gift certificates are good for purchase of tickets, merchandise, workshops, and food and drinks.
How much should the gift card be?
Tickets are $10-12 each, Food is usually less than $12 a meal, Drinks are around $5-7, Workshops are $180-$200 per session.

Gift Card Amount
Who is this Certificate for?
Who is this certificate from?

Allow 2-4 business days for shipping. (it shouldn't be that long, but just in case!) and if you don't receive your gift card in the mail within one week of purchase, please call our offices and we will make sure it is on its way!
Our online ticket system isn't able to use these gift certificates yet (we're working on it!) So please let the recipient know they must CALL 414-272-8888 to reserve tickets.